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Al Ittihad Debt Collection

Al Ittihad Debt Collection is one of the United Arab Emirate's most prominent debt recovery services company. Our company network of United Arab Emirates offices ensure even the most difficult of debts are rapidly recovered. If you require an affordable, professional, debt collection agency to delivery unrivalled results then Click Here to Contact With Us...

We help you recover your money in the lowest time possible.

Al Ittehad Debt Collection is one of the most sought after debt recovery agencies in Dubai. With an efficient team of debt collectors having vast experience in their trades, Al Ittehad is proud to offer debt collection services to individual and commercial customers and is known as one of the top legal firms in Dubai.

Whether you need recovery of business loans, rent payments, insurance payments, supplier payments or any other individual or business loan, our best attorneys in UAE can help you recover these in the quickest time possible. We handle a comprehensive range of services and serve the whole spectrum of businesses across an array of industries.

We are famous for preserving the image of our clients while providing them workable solutions for recovery of their bank loans. Our tailor made services are cost effective and one of the best solutions to recover your money. We provide a free consultation and if you decide to acquire our services, we provide accurate and on-time reporting until the money is fully recovered. Our motto is ‘no collection, no fees.’ So, if we fail to recover your money, we will never charge you for the service.

Interested in getting bad debt collected by top legal firm in Dubai? Call us or email today and get a free consultation to get back your money. Hire the best debt collection agency in UAE. We also offer legal help with police cases in Dubai and Bounced Cheque Fees. So, what are you waiting for? Get aid from the finest advocates and legal consultants in UAE.


    We are glad to inform you that ITTIHAD DEPT COLLECTION (L.L.C) is always with the client who are in need. We are here to serve you professionally and effectively. Below are our services list.

    1 - Cheque Bounce
    2 - Legal Actions
    3 - Bank Cases
    - Credit Card Loan
    - Company Loan
    - Personal
    4 - Finish it in the Fine
    5 - Convert The Jail Into Fine
    6 - Recovery
    7 - Drug Cases
    8 - Divorce Cases
    9 - Imigration Fine Cases

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    We have the privilege of working & providing our best services with some of the most well known companies in the United Arab Emirates and we don't take this lightly.

    1- Mustafawi carpet curton
    2- Ara travel
    3- Narasco travel
    4- Qaisar Contruction
    5- Blue gras services
    6- Easa rent a car
    7- Duplomecy insurence
    8- Alias hardwear

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    This is the best solution to get your debt from your customer. Al Ittihad Debt Collection Providing his best services.

    Qaiser Chand, Dubai, UAE

    Al Ittihad Debt Collection Providing the reliable services to their clients. We can easily get our debt from our client throught Al Ittihad Debt Collection.

    Usman Tahir, Dubai, UAE