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UAE CRISIS 2016: If it hits again, which industries will take the heat? Last year, 56 percent of the UAE population polled that it believes the country is in recession, as was reported by Neilsen study on UAE CRISIS 2016. Read More..

Top legal firm in Dubai

How to find the Top legal firm in Dubai? You want to file a case against someone in Dubai but you dont know where to go. This is the case with most expats entering Dubai.Many do not understand the Dubai law and therefore never file a case against a crime. Read More..

Licensing Requirements for legal offices in Dubai

In 2011, Dubai revamped its legal office establishing unit. From then onwards, Dubai citizens interested in forming a legal office in Dubai need to fulfill the following requirements. Dubai is a mix of British, French, Islamic and Egyptian law. Read More..

Law office in Dubai

Practicing and establishing a law office in Dubai. Dubai is the most populous city of United Arab Emirates (UAE). The city, though of Islamic origins, is under heavy influence of western culture.Read More..

Law Firms in Dubai

Law Firms in Dubai Have Wide Range Of ServicesAre you looking for legal assistance? If you live in Dubai, rest assured because there are tons of law firms in Dubai that can lend you a hand.Read More..

File Police Cases In Dubai

How to file police cases in Dubai? We hope that no one ever falls in circumstances where he has to file a police complaint.Though, the world doesn't work as we hope and people find themselves in situations where they require state help. Read More..

Divorce Lawyers in UAE

There are various reasons behind high rates of divorce including extra marital affairs, infidelity, poor communication, job loss, financial stress, doubt on the spouse, cultural difference and many more. Read More..

Bounced Cheque Fees in Dubai

A cheque that has been returned back to the submitter because of lack of funds in his account is called a bounced cheque.A bounced cheque is a public offense and can also lead to jail time. In this blog, you will find out about the fees of a bounced cheque and its punishment.Read More..

Best attorney in UAE

While searching for the corporate attorney, start by getting suggestions from other entrepreneurs and businessmen. Take their recommendations and meet the attorneys face to face to know if they are suitable for your business.Read More..

Bank Loan In Dubai

What does the law say? Read this before you take a bank loan in Dubai Bank can take action against you if you default on a bank loan. That is why, it is seriously important to know all about how the bank loan law in Dubai works, before applying for a bank loan. Read More..

Applying For a Credit Card

Applying for a credit card in UAE is painless. Most reputed banks will provide you a credit card as soon as you open an account with them. This is obvious but has a peculiar hindrance attached with it. Read More..

Advocates and Legal Consultants

Though, both the state and the courts encourage citizens to solve matters out of court. But in many scenarios, this is not possible especially when one of the parties is adamantly unobliging. To deal with such unshakable parties, one needs the help of best advocates and legal consultants in UAE. Read More..

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