Bounced Cheque Fees in Dubai & Punishment:

A cheque that has been returned back to the submitter because of lack of funds in his account is called a bounced cheque.

A bounced cheque is a public offense and can also lead to jail time.
In this blog, you will find out about the fees of a bounced cheque and its punishment.

Fees of a Bounced Cheque:

Bounced cheque fees in Dubai is around 500 AED to 3,000 AED depending on the total amount that needs to be paid by the debtor.

Police Case against a Bounce Cheque:

Dubai Police says that before registering an application against the offender of the bounced cheque, we give him a chance to reach a compromise with the second party. If the compromise is not reached, the case is transferred to the public prosecution that decides the fate of the offender i.e. whether he should be sent to a jail or to confiscate his passport.

Most of the times, the offender has to surrender his passport to the authorities until he pays back the amount due. If he cannot pay the amount he will be sent to jail, where he will be kept until the amount is paid.

Bounce Cheque Quandary:

A misalignment in bounce Cheque case is that the fees will be paid by the person who signed the cheque. This is a major issue in companies where the senior finance officer is held as the culprit for the company.

Corporate Message

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Administration Costs

AED.350 against filing notification and obtaining copy of the rule.


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